A Rose is a Rose is a Rose: It’s National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry month. so I thought it would be a great time to talk about poetry. Poetry is a type of literature that is often written to evoke a specific emotional response from the reader. This is accomplished through language and the way it is arranged, rhyme, meter or number of beats on […]

Women in Bitcoin

I’ve been hearing some push back about creating a space for women in Bitcoin. I get this as I too can have an impulse reaction, especially as an educator where the American school system has been overrun by the Marxist oppressor/victim ideology. However, I have have listened to women in these spaces and it they are […]

Finding Sanctuary: Gardens in Classic Literature

Gardens are great settings for classic literature. From Ovid to Shakespeare to Keats, poets have used the gardens as settings and metaphors in their poetry for over 2,000 years. But gardens are not merely settings, they can become a part of the story as illustrated in two beloved children’s classics, Alice Through the Looking Glass and […]

To Truth or Not to Truth, That is the Question

We no longer live in a world where truth matters. As I scrolled through Twitter the other day while having my first cup of coffee, as one often does, I saw this post from a friend warning people about trusting things. It had a side by side image and video. In one side was a […]