I’ve been hearing some push back about creating a space for women in Bitcoin. I get this as I too can have an impulse reaction, especially as an educator where the American school system has been overrun by the Marxist oppressor/victim ideology. However, I have have listened to women in these spaces and it they are empowering, not victimizing in any way. And, as opposed to many women specific organizations or spaces, especially on the more left-leaning political spectrum, these spaces are as much about tearing down men than they are beneficial to women.

This is definitely NOT the case with the Bitcoin women’s groups or organizations I have participated in. IN fact, they are just the opposite. In addition to supporting women, there is a great deal of support of men as well. Furthermore, these Bitcoin group that focus on what women are doing and how they are navigating their lives are the furthest from claiming that females are victims just because of their chromosomes. 

Rather, what I’m seeing is women coming together to celebrate being feminine and feeling empowered to be in this Bitcoin space. Just to be completely transparent, I have very traditional views on men’s roles and women’s roles. Reflecting on this recently, I know that deep down I have always felt this way, but like many other Gen X’ers, I spent much of my life living and buying into the fiat world. This extends to the way men and women interact. I was raised by a single mom and visited my dad for a month in teh summer from the time I was in fourth grade through high school. After my parents divorced we did not have a lot of money growing up. Furthermore, neither of parents went to college. However, my mom valued education, encouraged us to read a lot, and nourished my curiosity as a kid, teen, and young woman.

I think because of her views on education and the times we lived in, she encouraged my sister and I to be independent. I learned to fix things on my own, I learned how to change my oil, change a flat tire, operate a drill, and a lot more in order to not have to, as my mom put it, “rely on a man.” Yet, after studying anthropology and history in college, I began to see more clearly what I think I intuitively knew but rejected, that there are inherent differences between men and women. Not just physically (sexual dimorphism as it’s called), but also in our emotional and mental makeup. 

Women were created to have children and with that comes the need to be the one who cares more closely for babies and children. They also need a partner who can provide in those time so their energy can be spent on the child. We also see this across the animal kingdom. In addition, men have an innate need to protect and to provide more physical labor. 

Yet, I have come to realize that knowing and understanding these things do not make me less of a modern woman. I can enjoy my work but I also love that I am married and rely on my husband for things my mother never would have post-divorce (she never married again). My husband and I have a distinct division of labor. He gets to be male and me, female, without either of us feeling that the other one is “oppressing” the other or worse, without putting “modern” expectations on our relationship. 

It is true that women tend to be more emotional and rely on other women for support in this area more than men do. Men also need camaraderie, but the underlying connections between men differ than those of women. This is not to say there are not outliers, but in general, men and women are different when it comes to relationships. This is ok! We have different hormones, physical stregnth, emotional needs, and intellectual processing. (This last one becomes very apparent when I teach boys and girls in the tween years!).

But how does all of this impact the Bitcoin space? Bitcoin does have a larger adoption by men. That is not bad per se, but is can also be nice having a space to connect with other like-minded women. In general, I have noticed that many Bitcoin advocates value the same things, family, health, and what may be considered more traditional values in today’s world. That is not to say that these men would not want a wife to work, but rather, they would support her to stay home and to raise a family full or part-time. Perhaps even encourage her to have a more flexible career and to provide for and protect her even though she was working. 

I know it it not always easy for women to find other like minded women to connect with. In fact, I have belonged to several organizations that tend to lean towards women in their membership. And, since these are often related to books or art, two of my passions, they have been co-opted by the left. Many of the meetups and virtual meetings I used to attend are now full of diversity, equity, and inclusion themes, so I no longer attend. So, it is nice to find a space within the Bitcoin community where there are women who hold my same values. It’s nice to have honest conversations and to disagree with and learn from those conversations. 

In fact, I think we need more of these spaces to form relationships with other women. This is particularly true in the West where women are being taught to reject their femininity and the desire to be a wife and mother. The cultural shift to rejecting the innate feminine nature is also impacting makes as well, especially in America and Europe where young men are being taught to be leery of women.

In America, I have seen many young men in their teens and early twenties not want to date because they see women as the ones who hold the power, the dominant hand since they could easily destroy a young man’s life with an accusation of inappropriate behavior. And, what is actually worse is the trend of the trans movement where males are taking on feminine roles. Yes, there are instances of this in human history, but the reason was because the men were off to battle and some took on a feminine or neutral gender and stayed behind so they could continue to protect the women. and are even hurting women by competing for their place as women. 

So, I think it’s ok to embrace a space for Bitcoin women, to come together to talk about how to navigate Bitcoin, personal relationships, family, and career, especially in a world where many of our core values are being attacked. 

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